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Captain Application

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Competitive Advantages



The lowest transportation value in the shipping


Provides an innovative and direct packaging option



Providing all approved electronic payment methods

The application includes

  • Compensation for damaged shipments (terms and conditions apply)
  • Registering individuals in the application and activating accounts quickly
  • The possibility of registering the merchant in the application and using it directly without the need for contractual procedures
  • Delivery speed and coverage of all cities of the Kingdom
1416x368 No1
1416x368 No2

Our other features

Active participation Developing the sector in the Kingdom and providing Innovative check-in services Shipments safely and quickly Flexible in suitable environment and first choice in relocation shipments within and between Cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by 2025


Provides pick-up, transfer and delivery services directly to any city within 24 hours The maximum period throughout the year even in Weekends and holidays


Providing the most powerful insurance option insurance company in the Kingdom Cooperative Insurance Company


Provide customer service 24 hours even on vacations Weekends and holidays

Community Service

provides a source of income Above average for providers Above the service


The idea of developing the application was based on providing innovative solutions for the sector (Logistic) through an effective environmental system that achieves sustainable partnership for owners stores and provide a flexible and profitable work environment for the captain to achieve access Flexibility and the desires and aspirations of the final beneficiary (merchant and customer).

The amount is added to the wallet and can be transferred to the bank account or any approved transfer method inside the Kingdom

Download the application and then log in for the first time by typing the phone number and setting a password for your account

The transfer is done from within the application using the My Account menu method, and then choosing the appropriate method to transfer the wallet amount

Yes, there is insurance on the goods, and the customer is compensated in the event that the goods are not delivered as required

Documents & Certificates

Company profile

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Rights protection

Rrights of postal services beneficiaries issued by the Communications and Information Technology Commission

Merchant and customer application

Application Altariq Captain is connected to Altariq individual and merchant, the Captain application gives individual who lives in city or travelers opportunity to transporting shipments in city or between cities by available space inside car cabin at any time within framework of policies to transport procedures for LTmass company which outperforms other applications of logistic companies to provide services that exceed international standards for transportation service.