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Altariq App

Altariq App

Terms And Conditions

These Terms and conditions represent a formal agreement “contract” between the consignor of the shipment and the captain who carries out the shipment and delivery through the application Altariq and Altariq captain.


Altariq app is an application that provides services of transportation of shipments between cities , the application purchase it on behalf of the customers and delivery to their homes or locations signed by the customer، Where the application Altariq provides the opportunity for the customer to choose the right captain whose trip corresponds to the date, time and location that he wants or offer a transfer request in the schedule of requests to carry out the transfer and delivery by any captain who is available .

Any use by you of the services by Altariq application constitutes your acceptance of this contract and its terms, conditions, and controls, and accordingly you must not use the Altariq application if you do not agree with the terms and conditions contained in this contract.

The application has the right to modify or change these terms, controls, and conditions without prior notice to customers. Captains and users apply to them the agreement to the terms, controls, and conditions, you acknowledge as a user of Altariq and Altariq captain that you review them and updates them periodically because the application is not responsible for notifying you.

Statements for all users of Altariq and Altariq captain

You acknowledge the following:

Upon approval of the shipping request or the request to provide shipping services and movables, the user of the two applications agrees and acknowledges their knowledge, understanding and acceptance of all the terms and conditions contained here:

  • The sender acknowledges that the content of shipment is fully owned by him or authorized to transfer it and to sign on behalf of its original owner all these conditions, and the sender is solely responsible for any damage, costs or additional expenses incurred by the application administration due to its violation.
  • The captain acknowledges that the application ordered him to fully verify the content of the shipment and that he is obligated to verify the content of the shipment.
  • The sender must fill in all the required fields with his knowledge and make sure that they are correct without a doubt, and the sender is responsible before the application administration for any damages resulting from his breach of this or his negligence or abbreviation of any important details in the required data.
  • The captain must fill in all the required fields with his knowledge and make sure that they are correct, without doubt, of their correctness.
  • That you are in full mental, visual, and physical strength and in full senses without being forced to do so, and that you have no arrest warrant or claim with the security authorities.
  • You will not use Altariq application in a way to discredit or damage the reputation of it.
  • You acknowledge that your access to the app is not for the purpose of defamation by posting abusive comments or doing abusive acts with customers or captains.
  • You will only use the service for good purposes, and you will not use the service to transport, receive or purchase any illegal or fraudulent material.
  • You follow all laws and regulations applicable in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • You commit to read any notifications sent through the app.
  • You agree to exchange information between private or public companies.
  • You will not copy the contents and any information without the written permission of the company.
  • You guarantee to provide a correct and accurate information to Altariq App.


You agree that the application has the right to cancel the entire application without reference to you or move data to other application or other companies affiliated with it without telling you.


I acknowledge that if I did not answer my phone and did not communicate with the customer service intentionally the application management has the right to inform the concerned authorities about me and arrest me, I agree and know that the application management can watch my location even if my phone is closed because I am carrying with me shipments.


Purpose of requesting personal data and reason for requesting it?

Purpose of requesting and verifying phone number:

  • Phone number is requested from user to ensure number was written is number of the same person using application and not number of another person
  • phone number is requested to register user name, followed by personal phone number
  • phone number is required to send all send and receive messages
  • phone number is requested for verification when password is forgotten
  • phone number is requested in order to communicate with user to make sure he is the caller in case of calling customer service and no information about shipments will be disclosed until it is confirmed that number belongs to same user
  • Purpose of requesting ID number, commercial registration number, email and bank account:
  • One of the conditions of Saudi Central Bank is service provider must have Saudi nationality
  • One of the conditions of My myfatoorah Company (which is the payments company associated with application) and according to requests of Saudi Central Bank, user personal data must be verified to ensure that he is the same user to be transferred to his personal account and to ensure that he does not have any judicial rulings and does not have any precedents with security authorities
  • It was agreed and signed with My myfatoorah that it is forbidden to use personal data for any purpose other than these purposes only and we will not allow use of personal data for any other purpose
  • From conditions of Ministry of Transport, the identity of sending person is identify, person who carrying shipment must be confirmed and sending person is responsible for content of shipment and carrier is responsible for transporting shipment without any damage to shipment.
  • User personal email is requested to register for same account and receive invoice on email, to verify personal account password in case password is forgotten and to alert user of any update on his account or request or any offers in the application.
  • Merchant who owns a commercial registration has a valid one to transport his shipments at a low price, and he must make sure that commercial registration is valid to practice his commercial activity and that he is authorized to work in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • All data is saved for submission in the event of any dispute between sender and provider of transport service for shipments in the event of any dispute, God forbid.


Terms of Promotional Codes Discount for Captain and Customers

When you press I agree to terms and conditions, you will have read all terms of promotional codes, which are:

1-When you share your code, you get for every 10 people who download application and register, you get 100 riyals after creating a complete order from all 10 people on any trip and paid full payment for order without any discount code use on shipment, so you get 100 riyals.

2-When the captain promotes personal code to anyone, captain gets a percentage of the company profits ranging from 1% to 2.5% of company profit that he gets from trips of the person promoted by the captain and not from the company general profit. As the company profit from each trip is 25% of the captain revenue, and he gets the percentage for only one month for each person who subscribes through his special promotional code. The validity period of this offer is three months, subject to increase or decrease.

3-Altariq application management has right to deduct percentage that it promoted to customers from value of consideration offered by captain, amount offered by captain to customer in return for promoting customers for purpose of marketing. Captain is not entitled to claim it in any way. Company management is free to decide whether or not to return discounted percentage to captain.

4-Altariq application management has right to determine time and period for each offer, code, or promotional code you use to extend or cancel it as it deems appropriate.

5-Application management company does not bear any consequences or compensation in the event of errors in the system or if its exposure to attacks that may result in damages to system.

6-The administration of the application has right to determine rewards or discounts in personal wallet only to be reused in same application only at any time.


Application policy in credit limit:

The captain account freezes when reaches the amount of 2500 riyals in cash handling and cannot receive orders because captain has reached the maximum balance limit with the possibility to deliver any cargo in his possession normally.

The client’s account will be frozen when not paid the amount.

Policy for who is allowed to use the app:

  • Captain is not allowed to register in the app when he or she below the legal age.
  • Customers: the app allows anyone with a national ID or residency card to use the app.
  • Altariq app has the right to choose a rest period of 10 hours from the time of the flight started and posited.
  • The application has the right to freeze the account of the captain in the case of a manipulation to the flights or even to the content of shipments. The application has the right to transfer the manipulation of shipments to the public prosecution to take the necessary action.
  • The application has the right to deduct or add any dues or requirements from the user’s account at any time.
  • The application has the right to make promissory notes or anything on its behalf on users with the amounts due, and the approval of the terms and conditions is considered an electronic signature on this.
  • The management of the application has the right to impose fines on any user as it sees fit.
  • The management of the application has the right to freeze or cancel the account of any user as it sees fit.
  • The application administration has the right to transfer funds directly to user accounts.
  • The application management has the right to request ID number for registration, the full name, email and all personal data, and your agreement to the terms and conditions is an acknowledgment by the user of his consent to determine his location on the maps.
  • The management of the application has the right to determine the location of any user as it sees fit with the method of using the application.
  • The captain has the right to refuse to transfer any shipments as he sees fit in accordance with the terms and conditions.
  • The user customer has the right to submit a notification to the captain in the event of refusing to transfer the shipment without reasons related to the terms and conditions.
  • The captain has the right to open the shipment and make sure that the real content matches the description in the application.
  • The captain has the right to open the shipment to the concerned and official authorities only, with proof of the case to the management, the application through customer service, and the customer has no right to oppose.
  • The administration can implement at any time the percentage of bearing the damage if it occurs, provided that it is not less than 10% with the possibility of increasing it to above 100%.
  • The management of the application has the right to add administrative fees, added tax fees, and any fees that are imposed by the official authorities, and users have no right to refuse or claim them.
  • The application has the right to freeze the client’s account when proven for manipulation in booking flights.
  • The application has the right to make the captain not to close the tracking location on the maps App from the departure process of the trip until the arrival of each shipment to its owner.
  • The application has the right to inform the Police authorities in case the captain changed his destination from the original.
  • The application has the right to view the location of the captain even if his phone is off and the captain agrees to that.
  • The application has the right to return any shipment that does not match the description mentioned in the description.
  • Captains are allowed in the application to place prices that they want, knowing the customer can see all prices and captains do not see the prices of other captains.


Fines policy:

        The application has the right to fine the captain or customer if any one of them causes any losses to the App or reputation. Captain and customers should be following:


Shipment insurance:

The application has the right to contract with any insurance company and transfer the insurance value to the company without the consent of the user.



  • The application has the right to make an authorization from a captain who has shipments and cannot deliver them or was.
  • The application has the right to make an authorization from a captain who has shipments and cannot deliver them or send it to other captain as a commissioner to deliver shipments. The price of shipments is the same If captain deliver within the city and price changes when using the service commissioner which is in the privet screen of the captain, you can find it in option of delivery assistant It appears after clacking on it will show you all the captions with in 500K range.


Duration of service delivery:

Service is provided by representatives from the time of receiving order of the shipment (According to the flight information previously mentioned by the captain in the flight schedule about the time of departure) The captain takes a maximum one to three days, which is considered to be a working period for the start, and after the start the captain is given a maximum of 60 hours(by personal studies) To reach the city which it is located in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to deliver the shipment to the costumer and the captain can ask for help from option (Assistance in delivery or receive) the captain must ask for help in case he or she is late form the start of the trip or late for receive order and delivery to avoid late fines.


When captain takes shipment from receiver:

After the agreement with the sender and approval of the price and departure time of the trip the captain is committed to receive all shipments before starting (At any time is convenient and the sender agrees to it).


Delivery time (receiver) shipment from captain:

After starting the captain shows the sender and recipient in the (shipment tracking page) that captain has started and have 60 hours as maximum to complete the delivery that including delivery time, rest time and number of hours to deliver to receiver.



The application Altariq gives Exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable, non-sublicensable and non-revocable license unless you delete the app from your phone or cancel your subscription to the app, and in return for the license you must be following:


  • You not allowed to use the license to any third party until you have a written consent from the application management of Altariq.
  • You Committed to not help any person who intends to hack or infringe on the code design or any other infringement on the application.
  • You not allowed to change, delete, modify, or copyright any official communications.
  • you agree not to allow anyone to use and work on your personal account.
  • According to the laws of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is forbidden for captains, customers, and users of the application Altariq to Purchase, delivery, transfer, send and receive or receive the following categories and the captain must ensure that the shipment order is free of the prohibitions and customers must allow the application to ensure that their shipments are free of the following prohibitions:

Categories examples of products

Materials that are not allowed to be transported in brief:

  • Prohibited or dangerous materials or prohibited to be traded legally, including, but not limited to:
  • Drugs and intoxicants of all kinds.
  • Local or non-local currency of all kinds (such as gold – silver – precious metals).
  • Explosives and weapons of all kinds.
  • Prohibited publications and materials that are inconsistent with the traditions, morals, public morals, and Saudi laws and regulations.
  • Items of indefinite value.
  • Commercial papers (checks – and financial, such as shares – checks – account books – credit cards – treasury bonds – seals – cases and dispute papers).
  • Perishable materials from extreme heat to if there is a place designated for transportation in refrigerators.
  • Animals in general.

For details of the prohibitions:

  • Alcohol and liqueur, wine, champagne, beer, and others.
  • Animal races prohibited and animal parts, blood or other liquids, weeds، seeds, plant, and any other organic material (including production derivatives) that are at risk of extinction or whose trade is prohibited by law.
  • Pornography or those that may constitute child sexual exploitation.
  • Copyright materials and applications illegal copies of books, music, movies, and other licensed and protected materials including copyright illegal copies of applications, programs and video games and any other licensed and protected materials such as native applications, packages or other products that enable anonymous messages to be sent to email.
  • Copied illegal goods and designs, unsigned items from celebrities that usually need such a signature, forged signatures, coins, stamps, and other goods that may be illegal.
  • Devices and mechanisms used to unlock or hack technical protection to any chips or other devices used to bypass technical protection on digital devices including iPhone decoders.
  • Drugs and equipment are prohibited, medical dreg, illegal drugs and preparation equipment including herbal pills such as Salvia and mushrooms, materials that promote the use of such products or legal substances such as plants and herbs in a way that requires them to be digested, inhaled, or extracted from them any illegal substances that perform the same effect as drugs or substances that are illegal or that claim health benefits without proof.
  • Gaming and gambling lottery tickets, sports betting, memberships of gambling websites and any related content.
  • Electronic hacking materials and information and requirements that violate the law by subverting or allowing illegal access to applications, software, servers, internet sites or any other protected property.
  • Human organs or any parts of the body, fluids, stem cells, embryos.
  • Illegal guns and stolen materials, products and information that promote safety, illegal or managed to carry out illegal acts Goods that you do not own or have no right to sell; goods that are produced by infringing the property rights of third parties; contraband goods and goods that violate import and export regulations and preamble; cars subject to transport restrictions and Goods registered in public records (Real Estate) whose transfer requires formal procedures that cannot be performed on the network. You and the customer are fully responsible for verifying that all materials you sell are legal and authorized.
  • Illegal communication equipment devices intended to capture satellite signals, free cables, cable decoders, encryption cards, encryption card programming devices, illegal equipment and products used to modify cell phones and other equipment considered illegal under the regulations of the Telecommunications Authority or any regulatory body in the country where such goods are displayed.
  • Breakthrough drug treatments, unproven drugs or substances that are marketed as a quick and effective treatment for health problems.


Indecent goods, literary materials, products, or any other material acting on:

  • Defamation of any person or group of persons based on Race, country, religion, gender, or any other factor.
  • Defamation of any person or group of persons protected from libel and defamation under the law prevailing (Such as protection for ruling families in some areas)
  • Inciting or encouraging violent acts.
  • Promotion of intolerance and hatred.
  • The promotion of belonging to terrorist groups or other organizations prohibited by law.
  • Promotion of modifiable theories defined by law.
  • Contravene the prevailing ethical controls.
  • Aggressive and criminal goods scenes, images, and criminal materials such as personal belongings associated with crimes.


Bulk sale of rare or precious metals and stones.

  • Cultural materials and protected artefacts covered by the UNESCO Charter of 1970 Regarding the means of preventing and protecting the import, export, and illegal transfer of ownership of cultural property or the sale, export, or transfer of ownership of cultural property prohibited by law, Artefacts, cave formations and materials related to burials protected by federal law such as the Resource Protection Act Cavernous act of 1988 and the American burial Protection Act.
  • Pyrotechnic devices and hazardous materials pyrotechnics and related goods considered in the markets where they are sold toxic, flammable or lightening and substances such as gunpowder, explosive substances, gasoline, and propane canisters.
  • Goods subject to certain controls air bags; batteries containing mercury; ferons and similar refrigerants; chemical and industrial solvents؛ medical operations; car number plates; police preambles and equipment of law enforcement authorities ,Lock-opening devices; medical devices; pesticides; fitness equipment and electrical stimuli; recovered materials; inspection and monitoring equipment mainly used to eavesdrop on verbal or electronic calls Illegal or enabling illegal eavesdropping of persons and recording of their calls; goods controlled by the government or any other authorities.
  • Traffic authorities’ devices radar jammers, car panel covers, traffic light changing devices and other related products.
  • Weapons, ammunition, and any other items, without limitation, concealed and hard-to-detect weapons, knives, weapons in the form of art objects, silencers, ammunition lockers, light machine guns and tear gas.
  • selling currencies discounted currencies or trading currencies and currencies backed by precious metals.
  • Delivery for children of primary or middle school age or below we have the right to refuse service to all children under eighteen years old. In addition, we have the right to refuse delivery to any location within or around the primary schools or middle.
  • In the platform we completely reject any abusive language or behavior towards the company or to the service we provide and to any of our employees and services representative. If it is decided at our discretion that any customer uses abusive language to the company or Services or Employees and representatives, this will result in the customer’s account being permanently closed without any refunds due. This is considered a threat of prosecution, defamation or mugging.
  • Taxi services to transport people within the city.
  • Heavy and bulky materials, large things that do not fit in a small car and things that exceeds 30 kg.


Payment methods:

  • Altariq reserves the right to charge new fees for using the service and if app decides to charge new fees, you will be notified and you will be allowed to continue or terminate the contract.
  • Altariq app have the right to Make discounts or free shipments to customers to market the application.

Payment is made by the customer through payment methods (Mada, and ApplePay, Visa, MasterCard) and other methods of payment Cash although

  • The application management have the right to the customer or captain in case of non-payment and freeze their accounts until amounts is paid.

Pricing method:

    A set of prices is presented to the customer so that Altariq give the freedom to customer to choose any price wanted, and the captain determines the price that suits the service provided, and the customer must pay the agreed value

Compensation method:

  • The aggressor submits a complaint to the administration applying to claim compensation from the option of complaints and suggestions with the mention of the problem and the details of the damage suffered and the department will communicate with the aggrieved and terminate his compensation in case of proven damage.
  • If the damage is caused by the captain or the customer of the application, the damage person has the right to claim the official contract concluded between the parties from the administration of the application and to proceed law based on the contract in his possession and his claims officially without the slightest responsibility on the application.
  • All legal claims for compensation shall be through the official law or government and the application acts as an intermediary between the parties and does not have any compensation, this clause shall be considered a notification by the application and the application have no responsibility to him or his representative.


  • The application Altariq will try hard to continue to work properly as much as possible and preserve the data and information and not be hacked by any trespasser or virus and manipulate at all content, but we do not guarantee that the site or the application is free of any errors, defects, malware and viruses, the administration of the Altariq does not have any Responsibility.
  • The application does not assume under any circumstances the responsibility for the damage caused by the captain, he represents himself in the actions, actions, negligence, denial, delay, non-response and other misconduct, the duty of the application of Altariq in this case is to listen to the communication submitted by the aggrieved and communicate with the captain and freeze his account
  • The application at any circumstances do not take the responsibility for the damage caused by the captain in his or her actions, negligence, denial, delay, non-response and other misconduct to the duty of the application in this case is to listen to the communication submitted by the aggrieved and communicate with the captain and freeze his account without.
  • Altariq application makes no clear or unclear warranties for the services and the application expressly disclaims all warranties or compensations to the fullest extent possible in accordance with the law.
  • The app does not guarantee the timeliness of customer service representatives or users and the app does not guarantee the captain’s constant income nor the constant demand.

 Modification of services provided:

  • The administration of Altariq has the right to apply the modification, addition or deletion of any of the services provided as it deems appropriate at any time and without reference to users and without warning them.
  • The application management of Altariq has the right to modify or updates on the application and make change to the design, colors, and method of use. It changes logo and name as it deems appropriate without reference to users and without warning them and users should review the updated Terms, controls, and conditions continuously.
  • The application management of Altariq has the right to modify, add or delete any provision of the terms, controls, and conditions without reference to users and without notice.


  • Marketing is the most important element for the app Altariq to keep going, It will continue to operation, but we don’t promise the customers to keep on marketing continuously.
  • All announcement or contest offers, or other marketing methods is through official accounts in the social Media sites and all of it are mentioned in official website of the application Altariq mentioned in the option (who are we).
  • The application disclaims to all liability for any fraud in offers, advertisements or contests or any other fake marketing methods that have been advertised in unofficial way or from unofficial accounts and all are not entitled to be claimed by users of the application.


I acknowledge that I am the user that I am responsible for my account and will not give it to anyone to use it and I read all terms, controls and provisions and that I am approved that if I knew that there is a person used someone else’s Account in the  Application I will report to the management team, I am a user of the application that I will not send to the captain or the client personal contact numbers or audio clips or video clips or text messages suggest to communicate with the beneficiary of the service outside the framework of the application and I take responsibility of the application as a result of my violation action.

Date of the beginning and end of the contract:

  • The contract between the users and the application Altariq begins from the date of registration and approval of the terms and conditions until the user deletes the application from his phone on the date of deletion of the application is the date of expiration of the contract, the administration has the right to stop the contract at any time without warning to users generally, users are not entitled to request the reasons for canceling the contract and it is not required to manage the application with this.

 Non-compliance with terms and conditions

  • Not using the application as assigned to it or use it in bad way


  • The application administration has the right to send an alert to users in through alerts within the application and notifications and send text messages to the phone number registered by the sender, recipient, Captain, or visitor and sent by pre-registered e-mail.

    Note: The original Terms and conditions is in Arabic, and this is a translated version of it.


All terms and conditions apply according to the system of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and any conditions that conflict with the system will be canceled, and any conditions imposed by the system will be imposed.

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